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" data-lightbox-theme="" href="" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" Directed by Elliot Simmons. Cast includes: Katherine: Patricia Bartlett; Clara: Tami Feist; Mike: Aaron Wexler; Beethoven: Rupert Hinton; Gertie: Susan Blair; Schindler: Todd Gregoire; Diabelli: Ross Druker; Pianist: Susan den Outer." data-lightbox-theme="" href=" 3a jack bathke jen newby todd gregoire.jpg" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" " data-lightbox-theme="" href=" 3a jack bathke todd gregoire jen newby.jpg" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" " data-lightbox-theme="" href=" 3a jen newby jack bathke fran carroll.jpg" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" " data-lightbox-theme="" href=" 3a todd gregoire jen newby jack bathke.jpg" class="image-slide-anchor content-fill" Cast: Dawn by Joe Pintauro: Susan Fowler as Pat, Sara Stepnowski as Veronica, John Helmke as Quentin. Directed by Marie Maginity of Doylestown, and produced as well as stage managed by Tyler Winthrop of Holland. Cast: Emily Murphy of Pottstown, PA as Eurydice; Patrick Albanesius of Hamilton, NJ as Orpheus; Hans Peters of Southampton, PA as Father to Eurydice; Zac Anderson of Morrisville, PA as A Nasty, Interesting Man and Lord of the Underworld; Dana Maginity of Doylestown, PA as Big Stone; Morgan Petronis of Delran, NJ as Little Stone; and Liane Golightly of Langhorne, PA as Loud Stone.

"Campbell was not reckless and at no time, until seconds before disaster, did he think he had exceeded Bluebird's safe operating envelope," Mr Sheppard said.

"He knew he was right on the edge, and was quoted as saying this would be his riskiest record attempt to date, but he did not make his return run too soon, he did not run into any obstacle, or materially adverse water conditions, and he certainly did not have a death wish. No one involved with her engineering was fully aware that the limit was just above the 300mph mark that Campbell was aiming for." Mr Sheppard teamed up with Dr Keith Mitchell, a retired physicist from the Department of Medical Physics at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. On 4 January, Campbell's first run averaged 297.6mph.

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