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“Your sibling is your first love,” said Lehmann, “the one you grew up with. In our world they reverted back to their first love, they are alone in the house and can do whatever they want in the house. They are looking after each other and satisfying each other.” (Lehmann and his younger sister have lived together and are very close.) In order to find the drama in these situations, Lehmann admitted, you can’t always make the characters happy, even if that’s what the fans would like to see.This rare show doesn’t lose its original voice in group-think.“People want more happiness and for the characters to succeed,” said Lehmann, who insists that the best drama comes from “them not getting what they want.Can you compare your part in Young Adult to your Oscar-winning performance in Monster?

Hesitant to accept the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully (Davis).The two joined forces again a couple of years later for Karyn Kusama’s .Reitman deserves credit for trying to branch out — he could’ve easily coasted on clever dramedies for the rest of his life — but neither of the films really worked.Lehmann and Reitman have the same agent, so Lehmann knew that Reitman wanted to check out TV.He waited for the director to read his script about two siblings who live together as they explore online dating. With the first season of “Casual,” Hulu gave Reitman, Lehmann, and executive producers Liz Tigelaar (she runs the writer’s room) and Helen Estabrook (she masterminds production) plenty of leeway to create the 10-episode, half-hour series.

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