Dating a fashion designer

Menswear was introduced to his range in 1986 and in 1987 he added a diffusion (lower-priced) line. Which is why we're obsessed with this stunning gown that was literally designed with its wearer in mind.

John Flett (28 September 1963 — 19 January 1991) was a British fashion designer who achieved early success with his own brand before designing briefly for Claude Montana.He died of a heart attack at the age of 27, while working in Florence.Sue Chowles, who had a work placement with Flett before working in fashion and later as a fashion academic, has said: "He would have been more influential than Galliano now..was the most inspirational pattern cutter, a true genius".While there is the chance of spotting Wilmer Valderrama (apparently he's everywhere) or Simon Doonan on these nightly excursions, the Ted Mosbys of the city spend their nights relaxing with close friends at Mc Claren's. They are so overpopulated, a new favorite pastime has been developed: the “gay or straight” game. While we love our GBFs, it isn't fair they get more action than we do. Your company has claimed the only straight man in a five-mile radius! In a matter of seconds, this man — attractive or not — will be attacked by famished vultures kicking in Louboutins.It is inevitable that all of this female attention will inflate his ego, and he will sleep with all of them. Late nights in the office and deliveries in Soho eat up even more time to meet men.

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