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For the couples that love a little adventure in their vacations, a kayaking tour in Virginia may be the perfect getaway.

Consider “roughing it” with affordable campsite accommodations or add a bit of luxury to your agenda with a stay at a bed and breakfast or spa retreat.

Places to eat: Bay Country Kayaking—Williamsburg Bay Country Kayaking is an eco-tour kayak company that believes in sharing their love of the scenic waters of coastal Virginia with every visitor.

The tours focus on educating guests about ecological, cultural, and historical significance of the Virginia coastline and each tour is personalized for the guests to experience the Historic Triangle of Virginia.

The room (more chevron here) appears at first glance like a well-decorated office. There are locked suitcases — where to find the combination? Broken clocks — should you pay attention to the time it’s stopped on?

On the Clam Aquaculture Kayak Tour, you’ll dig up some of Virginia’s tastiest Littleneck clams to eat for dinner at a local family owned clam farm.

For a more natural approach, sign up for the Wild Clam Wrangling Kayak Tour and search for clams out in the public open waters of the Bay.

Meet Natty Boy and Utz Girl: two twenty-something singles dating in the “Greatest City in America!

” Since I’m a lot less single than I used to be, and generally, happiness and the internet don’t go hand in hand, expect some regular updates here and on Twitter from NB & UG.

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