Formview fired event itemupdating

New Mode 'Put into edit mode and databind Case Details View Mode.Insert 'put into read only mode and databind Case Details View Mode.As far as I can tell, the problem is that the program is not passing updated information to the New Values array that you can access from the Item Updating event args. The code and markup looks fine to me, in fact I have a page with similar information on it that works fine. From you description, you've checked the Form View's Item Updating event and found that the Form View Event Args dosn't contains the updated values in the new values colleciton ,yes?If so, I think the problem may caused by something incorrect in the Form View's aspx template.Would you try comparing the problem page with the other page which works correctly to see whether there is any diference?

All of the controls read from the tables with no problem and switch modes with no problem, but when going into Update mode, changing something and clicking the Update button, it does not save the information to the tables. Regarding on the Form View updating problem, I think it is likely a page specific issue.A Microsoft está realizando uma pesquisa online para saber sua opinião sobre o site Msdn.Se você optar por participar, a pesquisa online lhe será apresentada quando você sair do site Msdn. As an experiment I have created an ODS (Object Data Source) that has custome select and custom UPdate routines.I need to do a custom update for a form view (I think/know), as some of the parameters that are required for updating values should not be updated by the users, such as userid of the person performing the action which is passed back to the database for auditing purposes.

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