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A year later, despite a world-wide outcry, the 219 girls are still missing.While their fate remains unknown, the status of group that abducted them has changed significantly.As African migrants with little education or job training, they have few alternatives. Take Peace, for example: Before the 17-year-old left her village, crossed Libya and climbed aboard a dinghy to cross the sea to Europe, she swore an oath to her trafficker to repay her debt.But there's a stronger form of bondage than the debt or even the violence. She took the juju, she says, which works like dark magic.

Over 200 schoolgirls were abducted and spirited away to unknown locations.A spell was cast on her and if she didn't fulfill her obligations, demonic spirits would haunt her daily and eventually drive her mad. “There are spirits everywhere.” Worldwide, hundreds of millions of dollars are being raised to combat trafficking, especially in the US.In December 2016, the End Modern Slavery Initiative was signed into law by President Barack Obama, which pledged upwards of 0 million to anti-trafficking efforts.Buhari ran on a platform committed to eliminating Boko Haram but it remains to be seen whether he can achieve that goal.Buhari has stated that he can’t promise to find the girls.

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