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We used our local coupon book from the mail and went to the driving range and dinner for about total! We occasionally have a cute, little third wheel on our dates. Of course, you’ll need some popcorn so try our Cinnamon Bear Popcorn Recipe! Well, OK, it was really around the sternum, and he was wearing protective clothing. Fencing is about the furthest thing from what we'd normally do, but after 21 years of marriage, we were looking for ways to "bring novelty" into our relationship.

Nothing makes you feel better than having your spouse pick something out for you that they like.

A sense of humor is crucial to making a marriage work.

Sometimes you just forget to laugh, so a great date night can be checking out the local comedy club.

Take The 5 Love Languages Test to see how to improve your relationship. Head to a local pool and relax in the pool and hot tub!

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