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Many shops have signs on the door that say things like “no smoking”, “no food” and “no pets”.

But this one goes a step further by suggesting that “no foreigners” are allowed as well.

The picture was posted on Twitter today by @baconbkk.

According to his tweets, this shop that clearly says “only Thai customers” can be found on the ground floor of MBK near Starbucks. I am not sure what their reason of refusing foreign customers is, but it is certainly strange.

If you are super stoked by the prospect of riding in a tuk tuk, go for it but be sure tog negotiate a price before you get in Keep an eye on your shit when in a .

The local bus system is another great way to get around Bangkok and I also frequently use the Skytrain for longer distances.

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I’ve spent over three months in Bangkok, across a dozen visits over ten years, and it’s a city I love to visit…(One had a great story, though, read it below.) Also, note that 70 percent of the respondents were gay men, and the breakdown for the straight respondents is 60 percent male to 40 percent female.To request an appointment online, please fill out the form below.To get into the city from the airport, catch the skytrain and then catch an uber or a taxi from A lot of nationalities simply get a thirty day, free, tourist visa on arrival if arriving by air, it’s 15 days if you come overland.You can usually extend this once, for an additional thirty days, for a fee.

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