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I guess I bought into the idea that it is only men who have younger partners. But do you know when you have a feeling that somehow you have just connected with another person?

I had experienced that feeling only once before and I was very aware of when and how it had happened and I was certain it was happening again, with him.

It is well documented that they had a very happy, loving and monogamous marriage.

You may need to throw out some of your assumptions about what women want or don’t want, and mentally dispose of the “don't text her first after a date” crap.

Don't leave all the communication up to her, and don't expect her to always make time to accommodate your schedule. Feminism is about championing equality and autonomy, not giving women a stick to metaphorically beat men with.

The timing that Ivanka's sales lagged around the same time her father became close to winning the election, which is also when the boycott campaign ramped up, but not a moment before, is purely coincidental.

MORE Armed with a baseball bat and wearing a fashionable rioting unisex ensemble, Flat Antifa is looking for some fascism to smash.

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