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The principles are the same whether we are talking about a man or a woman who becomes the third party in a marriage or whether it is something else entirely.

There are the same patterns of decreasing dependence in the marriage, emotional transfer to someone or something else, and the final crisis of making the decision either to rescue the marriage or to abandon it for the looming alternative.

Some men and women begin bringing attaché cases and laptop computers home not because they need to work, but because they either no longer remember how to interact with their family or simply no longer want to.

Some people never allow themselves to reach the level of absolute attachment and commitment of true love because they do not allow their lover to become the most important person in their lives.

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My thoughts would be to set boundaries around your platonic relationships and this involves you to express a level of assertiveness Its your relationship and its working out, so whatever others say around you does not matter.It is important that HIV prevention programs include in their messages the power of these motivations that lead to practices of who have sex with men (MSM); sexual risk behaviors; gay men; HIV; AIDS; qualitative research Table of Contents 1. Method 2.1 Participants 2.2 The interviews 2.3 Procedure 2.4 Treatment of the data 3.It seems in our culture that sex is one of the cornerstones of a relationship.Rarely do you see a relationship on tv where a couple doesn't have sex.

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