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's mandate is to be a common service agency for the Government of Canada's various departments, agencies and boards.

wasn't sure if I should post this as an answer as the solution was right there in my question! I know in the question it states "not using unbind/remove Attr" - that was because I thought it was not working with those functions - but that was only due to the usage of the different functions. , use unbind() - if you bind with jquery (and remove Attr if set via html) then use bind(click,function(event)).

All other settings for the Source System can remain on the default settings.

assign overall responsibility to the President of Treasury Board (as the designated Minister) for the government-wide administration of the legislation.

The proposed amendments include: The consultation period runs from May 16, 2017 to June 28, 2017.

Further consultations on the PMPRB Compendium of Policies, Guidelines and Procedures will follow from the regulatory amendments.

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