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Couple: Luke & Noah (Nuke)Show: As The World Turns (ATWT)Actors: Van Hansis (Luke) & Jake Silbermann (Noah)Song 1: Sweet Kisses Artist: Jessica Simpson Song 2: Sweet Kisses Artist: Squeezer Clips: Luke Van Fan, i do not own them! , but according to gossip columnist Perez Hilton, actor Van Hansis isn’t just playing gay on TV.

WARNING: This are not only kisses on the lips, but also on the cheek and on the hand!

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star has been open about his sexuality with his friends and family since he was a teenager, he found it much harder to be openly gay in a professional capacity.

Though gay publications have been covering Hansis’ groundbreaking work on the daytime drama for months, his sexuality has never been a topic of discussion.

Now, Hilton has linked the 26-year-old actor to Broadway performer Tyler Hanes, posting photos of the look-alike actors and saying he has on good authority the two are dating. There has been next to no speculation on Hansis’ sexuality in the media.

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